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We help Pre-Seed stage startups overcome resource-gap in financing their technology development to transform their idea into a testable MVP product.

How do you pay us?

Deferred payment model, an industry standard for legal services for startups, implies that you do not pay us anything at the start. Your first liquidity event, e.g. Seed round, will trigger the payment to us in a combination of cash and equity, at that point in time.

Will this payment option lead to a dilution of your holding later on?

No, we would work to sell back the shares to you after Series A.

What if you never end up raising a financing round?

We are willing to take risk on you. If you don't end up making / raising money, then we get nothing for all our time and efforts. But that's fine.

Deferred Payment Terms

  • Contract - The contract will lay down all payment terms outlined below and the Scope of Work ('Scope').
  • Cost of Product Development - 7% equity plus $40,000 (cash payable at Seed round, capped at 20% of the round size).
  • Successful Liquidity Event ("SLE") - SLE means an external financing round raised by your startup.