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We help Pre-Seed stage startups overcome resource-gap in financing their technology development to transform their idea into a testable MVP product.

Why should you work with us?

Our deferred payment model takes away the immediate requirement for you to pay for product development costs, enabling you to jumpstart your idea and take it to MVP stage so that you can test your hypotheses, evaluate results and showcase them to potential partners, employees and investors. We have given a flavor of the deferred payment terms in Program section but we will work with you to figure out the best suited payment option as per your and your startup's context; you will reach the point of compensating us only when you raise your first round of external investment. In case after repeated genuine attempts you are not able to raise external financing, and therefore decide to not further pursue your startup, we understand, and there will be no (personal or otherwise) liability on you to pay us.

Additionally, Abhishek and Vaibhav, both Harvard Business School alumni with relevant but complimentary professional backgrounds, will work with you to provide you with all possible kinds of help and advisory to help you kick-start your startup. And yes, you can trust us! We have no incentive to steal your idea.

What kind of startups we work with?

Any startup which is website or mobile app based.

Shouldn't you instead get a technology co-founder?

Yes, you of course can, and should. But, do you have the wherewithal now to find a suitable co-founder, and does your idea have the requisite traction to require one, right now? We are not replacing your technology co-founder. Just helping you set the ball rolling and figure out how you want to structure your company and its growth.

Shouldn't you find some individual software developer who will work for you for lesser?

Well, there is no lesser than zero! But more importantly, we look at businesses from a long term perspective, and believe that it's better to lay a strong foundation, and not build your startup collecting a technology debt from the start itself. Our in-house developer team has been doing such product development for years.

Is my IP protected?

We protect your IP in the following ways:

  • Stargate makes sure that the source code is located on the server of your choice so that you always have control over the IP.
  • In the past, we have used tools such as GitHub to control the revisions and transparency for the code check-ins.

How is my IP migrated?

When you are ready, all your IP is migrated to the server of your choice and the team at Stargate will hand-hold your in-house team through the entire migration process.

What support do I get during the migration process to help build my technical capability?

Stargate has an aligned interest in making sure that you develop a strong in-house technical capability.

We do the following 3 things to help you continue the momentum:

  • Provide you a detail documentation on your technology architecture for MVP
  • Provide your team with a shadow period, where Stargate developers get your team up to speed with the source code
  • Provide you with staffing services through our network of 10,000+ engineers, where we help you find suitable candidates to build your technical team