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About Us

We help Pre-Seed stage startups overcome resource-gap in financing their technology development to transform their idea into a testable MVP product.

What We Do

We provide the missing link in taking your idea from being just an idea on paper to the MVP stage, from a technology development standpoint. We develop your entire technology infrastructure, website and mobile app, without charging you right now, so that your brilliant idea gets a solid chance to be evaluated by and showcased to partners, employees and investors.

What prompted us to do this?

When we were at the school, we saw a number of our classmates having a 'bankable' business idea in hand. But they did not have the financial resources to get an established technology team to develop their website or app, and neither had the bandwidth or traction yet to get a technology co-founder. As a result, their idea did not see the light of the day.Neither could they evaluate whether they enjoy being a founder or not. Afterr graduation, realities in life set in - repaying the student loan, family commitments, and they were forced to taking a traditional job. Now, if and when they wish to try out being an entrepreneur, they will not have the resources that were available at the University and also there is a sense of an opportunity lost.

We found ourselves uniquely placed to fill this gap for first-time entrepreneurs and let them be the champions of commercializing their business idea, while we take care of their technology development needs.

Definition of Success

We define the success of your startup as developing an MVP which enables you to raise a value-accretive Seed Round.